Essential Points Related to Building Bye-laws

  1. Application under section 179 of Cantonments Act, 1924 (II of 1924) for erection / re-erection / Make alteration to and / or alteration in / a building.
  2. Time period allowed for construction is one year from the date of approval of Building plan.
  3. Extension period. First for one year and 2nd for further one year can be granted, on application, subject to the permission from Board.
  4. Unauthorized construction will be demolished immediately at the risk and cost of the lessee / owner.
  5. 2nd floor on residential plot is not allowed.
  6. After approval / start of construction, the owner / lessee will inform to Cantonment Board / Cantonment Executive Officer for checking of the site work on the following stages.
  7. At plinth level, structure work up to Door level / roof level of ground floor.
  8. First floor, structure up to door level / roof level.
  9. On completion of work of the Building.
  10. The owner / Architect will be totally responsible for un-authorize / under specification construction work, if any at site.
  11. For Residential plots the plot ratio of the built-up areas and compulsory open spaces shall be as under:-​

Duties of the Building Control Cell are as under: -

  • To check the construction activities within their areas of responsibilities and take required action.
  • To confirm the construction of buildings according to approved building plans.
  • To check the encroachment on CB / Govt land and take required action.
  • To keep vigilant check on unauthorized construction and report in the office if any illegal activity is detected.